Donnerstag, Juli 03, 2008

Reorg Newsroom: Tampa Tribune like

Mindy McAdams has a report on the Tribune staff meeting last Tuesday: layoffs 21 (11 immediately, 20 later; nearly one fifths) - I really wonder, why old 'news service organization' don't understand, how much more chances they have to serve their 'constituency' better and hope this 11 people will be a tough competitor to the Tribune in the future ...

Why I am sharing it here? Because I think that the Tampa Tribune has managed to overcome some hurdles traditional newspaper try to avoid (as long as they can) by doing a reorg of the newsroom that earns this name. The new structure

Audience editors — keep in touch with what the print, TV, online audiences want/need

Reporting section (all the reporters for print, TV and Web are mashed up

- Deadline reporting — for breaking/daily news
- Data — specifically for database stuff
- Watchdog, investigative reporting
- Personal journalism — stuff for people’s every day lives like weather, health, entertainment
- Grassroots reporting— citizen journalism

plus a
'Finishing' team for print, TV and online
to determine what stories should be covered and with what medium

and, yes I nearly forgot, the also have managing editor

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