Freitag, Juli 04, 2008

Survey: Reputation Management for New Media Readiness

Paul Dunay published earlier this week the results from his Reputation study (with 87/85 responses):

Only 28, 73 % of them have a strategic plan in place to manage online reputation

Other results:

- My organization has a strong understanding of its current reputation - 60 % agree

- My organization currently uses a service to monitor traditional media - 54 % disagree; monitors social media; such as blogs, forums and message boards using a subscription-based monitoring service 77 % disagree (Disclaimer: monitoring services is what one sponsor of his study is offering)

- My organization is monitoring its reputation on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace - 55 % disagree

- My organization is adequately prepared to manage an online reputation crisis situation - 55 % disagree


Download Results as PDF

How does this compare to the situtuation in Germany? Any idea Mr. Reputation Manager