Sonntag, August 24, 2008

NAA: A Newspaper's Guide for Moving to Mobile

The American Newspaper Association (NAA) has published a webbased Guide on

Moving to Mobile
Introduction: Newspapers and the Mobile Future

Mobile Content
SMS Programs: Potential in 160 Characters or Less
Wireless News: Small Sites, Big Returns
How Newspapers Can Cell Themselves to Youth
E-Readers: The Next Generation of the Printed Page

Revenue Models
Mobile Advertising: The Next Big Thing Hasn't Arrived (But It's On Its Way)
Part 1: Capabilities and Challenges
Part 2: Banners and 2D Codes
Part 3: Classifieds, Videos and Other Formats
The Tipping Point for Mobile Local Search
A Little Too Personal: Privacy Concerns Dot Mobile Revenue Landscape

4 Case Studies
The New York Times
The Cincinnati Enquirer

Podcasts from
Matt C. Jones (Gannett)
Sharon Knitter (

Statistics and Resources

Btw, under Statistics you find the m:metrics stats on the I. Q 2008 for US and some major market in Europa. This are the figures for Germany

via Martin Stabe