Freitag, September 12, 2008

eCommerce the next big thing - learn from Asia

In terms of shares on total retail market South Korea is the most advanced market in eCommerce, with a share of 6,5 %, way ahead of USA and Japan with about 4 % share; and Japan is the world leader in mobile eCommerce (mCommerce) ... reminds / explains a column from plus8star people have written for Asian Business Leader (August) and now published on their own Blog - as always, recommended read!

plus8star see the following big key trends in eCommerce

- B2C (e.g. Amazon) and C2C (e.g. eBay) will converging further
- Mobile commerce is going to happen
- Social networks will blend with (and drive) eCommerce
- Online and offline will be (more) connected
- Meta-shopping: Shopping Malls, based on Knowledge Share will develop
(e.g. SKorea Naver's Knowledge iN)