Montag, September 29, 2008

Helping to browse already processed news and to keep apprised

What I call the biggest asset an editorial newsroom and journalist have or at least should have is their algorithm finding, evaluation, checking and processing and by sharing this asset with their user the can create and retain creditability and usefulness.

The Washington Post shows, besides delivering original and investigative reporting, how a 'Political Browser' could help the reader find relevant processed news and to value the editors work to find, aggregate, share and link that piece of news it on their site and paper ...

Scott Karp has more on Publishing 2.0 in
WP’s Political Browser Uses the News Judgment of Journalists to Filter the Political Web

This function of editorial guidance goes well together with my post yesterday about Philip Meyers 'The Elite Newspaper of the Future' - this informed elite has the news but want to be apprised about the discussion around it ... qualified editors can make the difference to automated systems and crowd sourcing.

B2B could / should transfer this concept to their work, site and paper