Sonntag, September 28, 2008

In a Make or Break Time for Newspapers

David T. Clark (Deutsche Bank) in a report summing up the NAA Retail Advertising Forum; Dalles, TX

“The next year to 18 months may be ‘make or break’ for the newspapers, ...”

Marketers “are ‘flummoxed’ by the multitude of media choices they have right now, so there is an opportunity for newspapers to step in and offer a multi-platform ‘big idea’ to major retail advertisers, " ... "however, it is unclear whether many newspapers are up to the challenge, though there appear to be some that are.”

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Some Presentations from this event (September 21 - 23, 08) are already online

Consumers 2015
Al Meyers, Retail Forward

Creative Use of Newspapers
Diane Fannon, The Richards Group

What Newspapers Need to Know from Retail Advertising Agencies
Christopher Cope, ACG; Karen Howell, The Martin Agency

Raising the Value Proposition of Newspapers
Dave Walker, NSA Media

The Role the Internet is Playing with Research and Trends
Rob Gatto, Shop Local

Coming soon!
State of Media from a Retailers Perspective
Mike Boylson, EVP&CMO, JCPenney Corporation