Dienstag, September 16, 2008

News Site that sends their users 'away' might do the right thing

to get the love back from their readers.

From Scott Karp at Publishing 2.0

Common 'understanding' ...
News sites are reluctant to send readers away by linking to third-party content. First, you shouldn’t send people away or else they won’t come back to your site. Second, a page with links that sends people away has low engagement, which doesn’t serve advertisers well.

The truth 'understanding'
A News site who sends it's users all the time to third party sites and provides lots of links gets the most engagement and highest timeshare ...

more The Drudgereport.com vs. 29 other news sites
Btw., Drudge is one of largest referrer of traffic to many news sites on the Web

Business and consumer publisher also trapped in this wrong perception and belief that their user have the greatest possible benefit by remaining on their site - so they prevent users to give their love back to the site for a great service not delivered. Users need at least one referrer in each category - ideal for B2B, if the want to play the lead role.