Sonntag, September 28, 2008

OhmyNews Japan has finally been closed...

via / more at GlobalVoices:

"At the end of August, 2008, OhmyNews, the citizen journalism site from South Korea that entered the Japanese market in 2006 with much fanfare, closed its doors.

First officially announced on February 22, 2006, and launched shortly thereafter with help from the Japanese media giant Softbank and an investment contract valued at 1.3 billion yen [US$11 million], OhmyNews had a rough ride in Japan right from the beginning ...

Many Japanese bloggers reflected on the rise and fall of OhmyNews Japan, and on why the citizen journalism project failed ... One blogger points out that while the editor-in-chief was earning 30 million yen [about 300,000 USD] annually, and the copy editors 10 million yen [100,000 USD], writers were only paid 300 yen per piece, and argues ..." more

Through changing (political) conditions in Korea since the start of OhmyNews South Korea in 2000, there are lots of problems also in the homeland and the "much grander plan [after the Start in Japan] and want the OhmyNews model to go around the world with OhmyNews as the center of a worldwide network of citizen journalism" will be over.

Citizen Journalism must come from, with and through the citizen and serve the urgent need / want of citizen ... a purpose citizen acknowledge, love, hate, ..

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