Samstag, Oktober 04, 2008

Focus: Social Media in Afrika

A series by Jonathan Gosier on ReadWriteWeb

Part One
Looks at social media contributions from Africans

Part Two: Looks at mobile and connectivity innovations and
Part Three: Looks at how local Governments, NGOs and nonprofits are being affected.

Jonathan Gosier born in USA and lives now in Kampala, Uganda. He is the founder of Appfrica and does regular post on | Appfrica Wiki

Other Blogs on Africa

Erik Hersman at (great Interview with Jon)
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In Part one we learn about the Web Community in Africa and some Social Media Projects like

Afrigator (a South African aggregator of African blogs and news)

Zoopy (a YouTube/Flickr like service also out of South Africa)

Ushahidi (an SMS crisis reporting and mapping engine from Kenya). (a Digg-like South African news site) (an SMS/mapping application similar to Ushahidi)

Amatomou (a South African news and social media aggregator)

BlogSpirit (a Ugandan blog aggregator based on the open source Gregarious)

Mzalendo (portal for tracking the actions of Kenya's Parliament)

One of the commentators on this post pointed to a Bandwidth Blog entry (and comments) which lists additional Web 2.0 ventures: South Africa's web startups to watch

via JD Lasica

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