Samstag, Oktober 04, 2008

Journalist's Take on the challenge of Social Media - Save Your Ass

Actually, I have no idea why (and how) journalism should save the world. And I am not so sure either, whether I find this desirable at all. But journalism is an art, an hopefully useful set of skills, so let them join in and network.

Charlie Beckett wrote a book on Networked Journalism. It is called

Super Media
Saving Journalism so it can save the world

ISBN: 978-1405179232

Table of Contents

Introduction: Why We Must Save Journalism So that Journalism Can Save the World.
1. "Help! Help! Who Will Save Us?": The New Media Landscape.
2. "Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? No! It's SuperMedia!": Networked Journalism.
3. "Will Nobody Do Anything to Help?": Networked Journalism and Politics.
4. Fighting Evil: Terror, Community, and Networked Journalism.
5. We Can All be Super Heroes: Networked Journalism in Action: Editorial Diversity and Media Literacy.

It is, as Adrian Monck, head of the Department of Journalism and Publishing, City University, London says, a serious, accessible introduction to the challenges facing contemporary journalism, intellectually and professionally. And Jeff Jarvis, blogger and professor, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism likes it because it favors the idea and practice of networked journalism. Richard Sambrook, BBC News that 'This important book charts a course through journalism's current crises of Trust, Economics and Technology and points to a way of reconnecting with a broad social purpose.'

So I pass on their recommentation more