Montag, Oktober 13, 2008

MySpace to Announce MyAds

for public beta (US) for promoting your music and your business today ... FAQ

giving "filmmakers, musicians, politicians, authors, video bloggers, non-profit orgs, realtors, restauranters, comedians, radio stations, and doctors,” the D-I-Y- option for targeting users based on a number of demographic and interest-related characteristics with display ads (like Facebook with Text Ads or Google with AdWords). CPC starting at 0,25 USD, minimum budget is 25 USD, maximum 10,000 USD ...

via / more Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins at Mashable

(Stay tuned about Facebook announcement this week)

MySpace Launches myAds Platform

MySpace Launches “My Ads” Self Serve Ad Platform: Is This Their Google Moment?