Sonntag, Oktober 19, 2008

OJB: Blogging Journalists Survey Results by Paul Bradshaw

Paul shares on OJB the results of his survey on how journalists with blogs feel their work had been affected by the technology - 200 blogging journalists responded, from 30 different countries.

Already Online
Blogging journalists pt1: survey results pt.1: context and methodology

Blogging journalist pt2: Blogs and news ideas: “The canary in the mine”

Blogging journalists: pt3: Blogs and story research: “We swapped info”

Blogging journalists pt 4: Blogs and news production: “I think in hyperlinks, even when working in print”

Still To come
- Blogs and news production : “I think in hyperlinks, even when working in print”
- Post-publication: “You’ve got to be ready for that conversation”
- Blogging and the audience relationship: “The best stories are a result of incredible conversations”
- Discussion and conclusion: “The writing on the wall”

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