Dienstag, Oktober 07, 2008

Workshop: Fachmedien & Web 2.0 (Part 1)

Preparing the editorial part ...

By now I expect that every one in the editorial office 'knows' something about Social Media and can (maybe) explain the chances and risks involved to their colleges, bosses and peers. What you think?

To survive We Need Better Prepared Journalists (and Manager)

So my intro in 'Social Media for editorial' is not about Social Media, but the tasks and needs people see and want to improve their standing and relation with their user / customers. And if all are to satisfied with what the have achieved already, I steer up some 'uncertainty' by asking. (I feel comfortable with this, as I do have some background on traditional publishing, too.)

(btw., I hate this word content and content provider used for qJournalism and qJournalists)

Is it only me? I argue that almost all business publications today are much slimmer (in pages, sometimes also in size) than before. O.k. one reason is less advertising, but also on the editorial site it 'feels' like.

Do people need less news, information, and ideas today? Unlikely. Where do they get it from and how, when, how often...? What is the tooling time for them to find, get and organize this information? How much time and effort does it cost the person, team, company to access this information timely and how much does it cost if you, the team (only part of them) have this 'at hand' when you / they need this...?

Can you aggregate, what is out there? Provide means and tools to get this information on the desk of every one (or today on Screen) having a stake in a process?

Would your users' / customers' benefit if you shared your algorithm how to find, evaluate, format, store and retrieve information? And if not, is it not time to improve your 'skills' and 'routines'?

O.k. I don't want to reveal to much of how make this part of the session a useful one, but you learn more if you ask me and/or use our service as trainer or coach...

Next in editorial:
Feedback channel
Win the community over (and why it is not your community), more

if we don't hear from editorial, I will start to teaser advertising / clienting

Why existing clients are your new prospects?
Tell me what your clients want to achieve.
What and Why do clients buy from you (and why not)?