Mittwoch, November 19, 2008

About Today’s Marketing Environment (for B2B Media)

presented by Mark DiMassimo (CEO/Creative Director, DiMassimo Goldstein) at the Top Management Meeting in Chicago.

The entertaining / deflecting part we have here (That is now). Here my other notes I want to share with you:

His advice to B2B Media, you better understand "It is a Buyers Market" and you can only succeed by them you help them to build their business (and you will fail, if you concentrate and act like as everything is centered around helping your business to succeed).

During Marks presentation he shared some figures from a (non representative) survey, his company conducted within his client base (worldwide)

How important do marketers and/or advertisers view business media as advertising media
16 % extremely important
64 % important
16 % secondary
4 % not important / ignore it

As budget cuts come, will vertical business media be first or last to be cut?
12 % business media will be first to be cut
60 % business media ranks high on the list for getting cut
28 % business media is unlikely to get cut

How likely is your business-media specific spend to get cut in 2009
32 % Very likely to be cut
44 % somewhat likely to be cut
20 % unlikely to get cut
4 % will certainly not get cut

How likely is that your general-media specific spend to get cut in 2009
48 % Very likely to be cut
24 % somewhat likely to be cut
12 % unlikely to get cut
16 % will certainly not get cut

The most important guaranty for success is that media & media services provides a total value solution to the advertiser not just page rates and CPMs. That means integrated packages with print, events, online, lead generation, etc. and imperative need for mastering social network application and leveraging User Generated Content is growing quickly and will be critical for the success in the future.

So please understand, your business is going well if your client succeed!