Donnerstag, November 06, 2008

Book Publisher look to Asia

Benjamin Joffe (plus8star) about digital, mobile Books ...

- Several best-selling novels in Japan were written on mobile phones (slide 45)

- There are quite a few mobile novels on the shelf (slide 46)

- the book Koi Sora (Loving sky, two volumes novel) were sold over 2 million times (and was/ is free to read on Mobile) and made it into TV (slide 47/49)

- the development of digital PC-Internet vs Mobile look like this

check out Benjamin Joffe presentation on Mobile Business and what you can learn from Asia here

Can anyone tell why book publishers and distributors looking so narrow on their business, embrace and/or worry so much about digital book reader and don't care much about the 1.3 billion Internet connected PC's and 3.3 billion Mobiles? That are 4,6 billion devices vs. a very limited number of eReaders to be sold over the next few years!

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