Montag, November 17, 2008

Going Green - Why & How

According to the Yahoo! Green study, 77% of consumers describe themselves as "Green," actively living their lives conscious of their health and environment, and 57% have made a Green purchase in the past 6 months.

These are the reason's (according to this study)

24% of market... trend-setters who are motivated to be green to look cool
23% of market... early-adopters of green who are looking to make a long-term impact
23% of the market says they don't care about the environment, or they say they care, but they don't take any action.
17% of market… recognize green as important but place the responsibility more on others than themselves
13% of market… motivated to be green by immediate benefits such as saving money or improving health

Online is an important source for green information

72 % of survey respondents cite traditional media as a source of green information
68% of survey respondents cite online as a source of green information
51 % look for more information on green products on portal websites (like Yahoo!, MSN, etc.)
47 % get green information via TV ads
44 % look for via online search
40 % by reading online reviews by users, only
24 % look for professional reviews
21 % look for on Blogs
20 % look for, on a company website

via / more Media-Post Research-Brief
This study included 1,500 internet respondents between the ages of 18-54 from a diverse cross-section of the population from around the country, as well as in-person interviews with people who live in Los Angeles, Chicago and Portland. 8% of people were screened out of this survey because they stated that they were "not at all conscious with regard to their health and the environment". Therefore, survey respondents include an Internet representative sample of 92% of consumers.