Sonntag, November 09, 2008

Norways Schibsted Group is generating 80 % of profits online (III. Q.)

according to Schibsted's interim financial statement for 3rd Quarter 2008.

"Overall, the Norwegian group made a Q3 operating profit of NOK 213 million EBITA (£19.4m), down from NOK 257 million (£23.4m), producing an operating margin of 6.7 per cent, down 1.4 per cent from Q3 2007 ..."

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The revenues from Schibsted Group's online activities increased by 22% in 3rd. Q. and Online activities accounted for 80% of the Group's operating profit (2007: 56%).

Schibsted ASA Interim Financial Statement per 30-September-2008 (PDF)

Still a long and cliffy way to go ... and not the appropriate ride for chicken-hearted 'leaders' and cowards.

Studie: Medienunternehmen betreiben Online-Geschäft nur halbherzig