Dienstag, November 18, 2008

Path to Profitable Growth for B2B Media (and other media)

On today's ABM Top Management Meeting in Chicago Harry Hawkes, Jr., and Matt Egol, Partner at Booz & Company presented their study and project 'Taking the Road to Profit' commissioned bei ABM.

After the presentation, there were four breakout session and there will be this year and next year presentation, regional meeting, webinars and of course material on ABM's Website in due course.

Here just a few chart showing the direction (all charts are screenshoots from the Booz & Company presentation ):

The 2008 projection B2B Media
taking into account the market and the input of 76 members of ABM

The main hurdles and how to take them

Areas of antizipated growth

The two major path considerations available

The speaker made clear that you can win on any path and that there will be winners on each of the path. So I would only add, take a path where you are good at, where you can influence and/or win with - the given rules - of the game you want to play.

Playing the marketer driven model

Playing the user driven model

A sample checklist, what choices you make

for more, check out the american business media Website

(or/and call us)

Addendum: All charts from this presentation on ABM's Website