Mittwoch, November 19, 2008

R.I.P. PC pMagazine

1981 February / March (Charter Issue)

2008 (the final print edition will be January 2009)

According to Jason Young, the brand PC Magazine makes already 70 % of its revenue online, is overall profitable, represents 80 % of total profit of the PCMag brand (and even more ;-) , after dropping the print edition).

Rafat Ali at
Ziff Davis To Close Print PCMag, Focus On Online; Still Looking For Options For Gaming Division

PCMag Editor-in-Chief Lance Ulanoff: An Open letter to PC Magazine (Print) Readers

Nachtrag 2: more at

Nachtrag 1: About 26 Years ago ...
Tony Gold [than Lifeboat Associate, New York, NY] invited me to get to know that bunch a people around David Bunnell planning to make a magazine for the new era to come of the IBM PC. We meet had an interesting discussion (and some more to follow).

In 1982 Tony asked Vogel, whether we would be interested to build a joint venture to make this magazine together, and after intensive discussion back and forth, Vogel agreed and as money (on our partners site) was short, Vogel transferred the money needed to an US Account - fortunately to an account we had control of. Not much later I received a phone call from David, that Tony tries to sell the magazine, and finally did so, to Ziff. David told me that most people on board would not move to Ziff, but started to develop a new magazine (the later PC World) and whether I could see them in San Francisco to discuss...

Btw., the deal Tony made Ziff Communications, mostly free advertising, was later and after long and hefty legal battles quite lucrative (search Google). Later Vogel transferred later it's planned contribution of capital back to Germany and for a long time (in fact for ever) US engagement was not on the list for Vogel’s international plans. But, one year later we started PC Personal Magazine for the German speaking market.

With two of the key persons of this time, I’m still in contact and they are still around and active. David Bunnell is - among many other engagement David Bunnell the Co-founder/Editor-in-Chief of and Cheryl Woodard runs (among other activities) the consultancy Publishing Business Group.