Sonntag, November 02, 2008

The Russian Periodical Press Report 2008

A few days before the FIPP 'WorldWide Magazine MarketPlace' (November 6-7) takes place in Moscow the Russian Association of the Press Publisher (GIPP), has published the Federal Agency for the Press and Mass Communications (FAPMC) Periodical Press Report for 2008.

It reports on the general situation, M&A, newspaper, magazines, custom publishing, advertising, circulation and distribution, paper & printing service market.

If you are interested in getting an overview, check this report. Here some general charts from the report:

Source: AKAR, ARPP, Russian Postal Service, Rospechat

Top Publisher by Readership

Top Publisher by Advertising

Growth in Advertising by Media

Comparison Adspend Russia - World Total

Full Periodical Press Report Russia 2008 (104 pages, PDF)