Donnerstag, Dezember 25, 2008

BusinessWeek: Sponsorship sichert Qualitätsjournalismus

Douglas MacMillan schreibt über community-funded online Journalismus und erklärt an Beispiel wie , Locally Grown und MinnPost (die ein Hyprid-Modell fährt, wie wir dies einmal vor langer Zeit für die Readers Edition in DE geplant hatte).

Douglas schreibt auf

The news business is in disarray. Thousands of journalists have been left jobless by deep cuts at Time (TWX), Gannett (GCI), Viacom (VIA), and other large media properties. Small newspapers and trade publications around the country are shutting down operations, and many that survive have eliminated bureaus, reduced printing schedules, or cut their print edition entirely.

Most publishers have followed the advertising dollars to the Web, only to find revenues from online ads growing too slowly to offset declines in print ads. So, if online advertising can't save the media any time soon, what will? A growing number of entrepreneurs and journalism advocates around the country are experimenting with a new type of business model for news: community-funded online journalism ... more

Frühere Einträge:
Mäzenentum und Spendenfinanzierter Journalismus

Schafft das Primat der Finanzer in der Medienwelt wieder ab!

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