Montag, Dezember 29, 2008

Social Media is No Place for Robot Behavior

Chris Brogan spells out his dislikes of response message robots. Thanks. I hate them in Social Media (and in any other print, electronic or in-person communication setting), especially when so-called communication and media experts use them

"Thanks for Following. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask! Check back soon at ...URL"

or ask their client for money on suggesting or implementing this malpractice

Chris writes:
“I’m sick of robots. Truly. Your automated direct message back thanking me for following you does three things exceptionally well:

1. Irks me because it’s a robot.
2. Annoys me because you ask me to click your junk.
3. Tempts me to go back and unfollow you on principle.

You don’t need to use robots to thank me and click on your stupid website. If you’re too busy to be an actual human on a social network, don’t join another social network ...” more

If you are a robot, don't click, this posting might hurt your feeling

(stolen from a comment on Chris's post by Matthew T. Grant)