Sonntag, Dezember 28, 2008

Social Median - Topic-based News Networks Deliver

In 2006 we started some topic-based bookmarks on CrispyNews for

- B2B-Media
- Citizen Journalism & Social Media
- Magazine-Business
- Marketing
- Zeitung mit Zukunft (a project with Thomas Wanhoff)

Unfortunately CrispyNews decided in January 2007 that they had made enough experience and they want to move this solution to custom tailored, paid solutions for corporate.

Last week we learned from Lars Hinrich that XING has acquired Social | Median (and founder and CEO Jason Goldberg) as news are getting more tailored and relevant (they call it filtered) to the user if the news are hand-picked and delivered by 'friends' via networks. With Crispy-News we worked with bookmarks, now we work via feed from selected sources by tags / keywords and as Xing wants to make this an important part of their application platform, we feel safe enough to give it a try (again) ... you can joint me here.

We started with a 'B2B Media + Marketing News Network' and invite you to add subjects / topics you feel relevant and resources you want to be included in the news gathering process ...

check it out! And if you like, what you see, please joint in!

We welcome anyone to joint as collaborator and we would be happy to start and/or join other networks in other subjects close to our work.

I still wonder, why classical media and marketing companies seem to care so little about community / network based news, search, procurement, sales and marketing … and leave all the opportunities to outsiders / newcomers.

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