Sonntag, Januar 11, 2009

Antetype Citizen Journalism Site OhmyNews Stops Paying Contributors

for its international site OMNI. The (small, Cybercash) fee is replaced by a (small) prize schema whereas each month the top 3 articles (measured by the buzz it creates) receive a reward for first place 300.000 (about 165 Euro) and second and third 100.000 (about 55 Euro) Korean Won.

In the announcement Jean K. Min is asking contributors for some understanding "... Unfortunately, times are tough for most media outlets globally and OhmyNews is not immune to these financial pressures ...", but argues also, that by removing the Cybercash fee OhmyNews International can in future publish more article and the (small) financial reward was never the main motivation for contributors to write for OhmyNews ... more on

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