Mittwoch, Januar 14, 2009

Don’t Create Supervillians - or who to create some defense agains rogue elements in your community

Derek Powazek has some suggestions published in .net Magazine (UK)

"So how do you keep your community a happy place, without unleashing your own supervillains? My experience, and that of friends and colleagues, suggests that the permanent boot should be your nuclear option, only for when all hope is lost. Here are some other things you can try first, to make it more difficult for members to act out, to fall out:

- eyeball defense
- probation defense
- community boot defense
- denial of existence defense
- dig-your-own-hole defense

What and how? On .netmag

And remember you should have this 'defenses' elements in place (communicated and accepted and internalized by the community) before the times is getting rough.

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