Montag, Februar 09, 2009

KPMG Study: Slump in Ad Spending and Rise of Mobile Ads

Asked about the major changes in our industry to come, 49 % of (more than 200) media, marketing and advertising executives say that the pullback of advertising dollars is the most disruptive force in media and 40 % have mobile devices becoming the personal computers of today, on their top list.

Other key findings:
- 75 % of executives predict that advertisers will move more than a quarter of media time and spending away from traditional channels in the next five years, while social networks and mobile marketing are expected to see increased activity.
- 48 % see the greatest marketing opportunity for Mobile marketing in location-based advertising
- 47 % indicated that the biggest lesson learned from President Obama’s use of social media while campaigning is that social networks can powerfully grab mindshare in society at large.

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