Dienstag, Februar 24, 2009

Shortcovers a Kindle Killer?

Indigo (Canada) will launch its solution Shortcovers on Thursday.

Shortcovers, is an e-book reading and buying program that works on devices such as the iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones, and in the coming months on other smartphone systems including Symbian and Windows, as well as on other gadgets such as the Palm Pre ...

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Later on theglobeandmail.com
Indigo launches e-book service - Shortcovers is being launch in CA / USA on 26-Feb-2009 12:01 EST

I am still wait for the announcement of the My Online Library Card which allows / offers me

a.) Search and on the spot reading for free ... all resources, all devices

b.) Multiple Levels of Membership, with extended Services like online/Offline Storage > xGB ,

c.) Bookmarking, Index-, Citation und Source Builder, ... and professional tooling set for institution, companies, etc. (on automatic counts for number of user/volume)

O.k., maybe my use of books, papers and magazines a kind a queer. I am open to pay for service, which support my needs and doing. No, I don't want a library card for Amazon, one for Google Book search, one for Indigo, one for Libri, one for xy - but, I want one-for-all!

I don't care how you are sorting out who is doing the data processing job and makes sure that all participants are paid (well) for their work, content and service.