Samstag, Februar 07, 2009

What Drives the e-Book Revolution

as I was saying here before, again and again ... there are at least 4,6 billion devices out there (3,3 billion Mobiles and 1,3 billions Internet-connected PC's) and this already installed base will be the driver for the success of eBooks:

Amazon announced their plan to offer Kindle Books on cellphones / mobile devices (e.g. iPhones, Smart Phone, a new -soon to come -iTablet)

Google Announcement that 1,5 Mio. eBooks are available on Mobiles (about 0,5 Mio. in German)

Today we have more than 10 Mio. people going Online with their Mobile phone and more than 40 Mio. people are going Online via their PC to get this amount of eBook devices out it will take away about 15 billion Euro from book consumers, book readers ...

Mike Elgan writes on ComputerWorld about (his) six reason why people will read eBooks:

1. The economy
2. The environment
3. The publishing revolution
4. The rise in aggressive eBook marketing
5. The rise in books written for electronic reading
6. The decline of the newspaper industry


(and existing devices with usable software will be the (big) winner ... )

From our US college Rex Hammock
Books, eBooks and Statistics: A few numbers related to books

There are about 240 Mio. people reading books (one or more) in USA. In the first year Amazon sold around 500.000 Kindle