Dienstag, März 24, 2009

Consumers Far More Digitally Savvy Than Marketers and Their Agencies

who are years behind in trying to catch up, according to our observation and a study from the IBM Institute for Business Value.

Beyond advertising
Choosing a strategic path to the digital consumer

By Saul Berman, Bill Battino and Karen Feldman

From the Intro:

Four primary trends are blurring the boundaries between traditional brand advertising and direct marketing:

Consumer adoption of new distribution formats – Consumer behavior has changed forever: They are more digital-savvy, willing to provide personal information in return for perceived value, and increasingly ready for permission-based advertising.

A shift in advertiser spending – Spending is moving from traditional advertising toward measurable, interactive marketing. Combined with spending contraction in the new economic environment, this requires smarter advertising, and doing more with less.

Digital migration of platforms – Traditional boundaries are fading, creating opportunities for innovative business models for content platforms.

Emergence of new capabilities – Game changing moves, by both new entrants and existing players, are driving new types of industry innovation, challenging existing business models and accelerating the pace of change.

Sample-Chart: Change to Consumer-Centric Marketing Model

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