Montag, März 23, 2009

Essential Multimedia Tutorials and Resources for D.I.Y. Training

Great collection by Mark S. Luckie on 10,000 Words ... make sure you check them out here

Some Appetizer:

Knight Digital Media Center
Tutorials on Video, Audio, Photography, Web design, Flash, Multimedia storytelling, Mashups (F.O.C.)

Tutorials on Web design, Video, Audio, Graphic Design, SWiSHmax, Blogging, Photography, Databases (F.O.C.)

News University
Tutorials on journalism fundamentals, multimedia storytelling and social networking

Teaching Online Journalism/Mindy McAdams

Big collection of tutorials incl. many online tools and multimedia software (F.O.C.)

Media College
Tutorials on Video, Audio, Photography, Graphic design, Web design, Flash, Photoshop, etc. (F.O.C.)

more, a lot more