Samstag, März 28, 2009

FIPP World Magazine World Trends 2008 / 2009

What to do with an old fashioned, but established resources on the World Wide Magazine situation and trends?

I agree, this are not those days to look at the past and predict the future ... media landscape, media usage, media advertising ... all has changed and we can't build the future by continuing the past.

Still I thing it is worth while you have the data of the past at hand to identify differences of the magazine world in countries you are active or might plan to enter, the magazine sphere relative position to other media and the main player to reckon with. 45 countries are covered in the 2008/2009 edition, on 282 pages.

You will see, there is still high(er) growth in consumer advertising spending (e.g.) in the BRIC countries Brazil, Russia, India, China, and Southeast Asia ... than in well developed markets loosing shares in companies activity moving to build a direct bridge of communication to the consumer.

No one should expect, that not so developed countries would follow all the way our trail. Yes, there is room to grow for some traditional advertising - they will take a short cut, too!

The new - must have, if you work international - compendium of World Magazine Advertising Reports & Trends from FIPP, their Association in over 40 countries and ZenithOptimedia, is now available at FIPP's Website. As print publication, with online access for 180 / 280 UKP members / non-members. (One day I hope it will be a database publication.)

Visit FIPP Site to get additional information and/or order you copy here

My friends today at FIPP, I worked with FIPP's staff as early as in the late 70s, granted me free access the online version, so I will share some overview tables with you as I did last year, as time permits and you show some interested in such postings (by sharing them).

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