Sonntag, März 22, 2009

Free for You to Use and Share: Feed Widget with our News + Ideas on Media and Marketing

To show my friends from Kyiv, how easy it is to distribute your 'good stuff' to where their existing and potential readers are, I created a small Widget delivering my posts to any site and for any site owner who thinks that her/his users could benefit from our News + Ideas on Media & Marketing.

Please feel free to include it on any of your sites. You can change the size, color and content (only headings, short text passage, pictures ... I will improve it, soon.

There are many solutions out there. I used the Widgetbox solution. WidgetBox offers a free of charge version and one for about 30 USD a year / (3,99 USD a month)

P.S. 2
In case you need any help. Just tell me the size, color and content (Heading, Text, Images) you want for the Widget and I send you the code to embed it, in JavaScript or Flash.