Sonntag, März 29, 2009

Newspapers, You Are Not Doing Enough to Take Advantage of the Social Power of Your Readers / Users

From Gartner's announcement:

Newspapers are not doing enough to take advantage of the social power of their readers, according to a recent survey by Gartner Inc. Analysts said that newspapers are faced with declining circulations, falling offline and online revenue, and competition from digital sources, but are failing to capitalize on their biggest supporters, their readers.

"In the wake of the economic challenges facing the U.S. newspaper industry, publishers are losing focus on the crucial imperative of how to capitalize on those consumers who remain loyal, engaged online and print readers" said Allen Weiner, research vice president at Gartner. "Brand-loyal news consumers need to be turned into brand stewards who can wield their influence to two parts of their social graph — those who know them personally, and those who regard the brand stewards as tastemakers with similar points of view"

Some Key findings from the study conducted in USA, UK and Italy:

- approximately 49 percent of respondents use general search engines once a week or more to find content, but only 20 percent use search tools built into a newspaper or magazine site

- only 24 percent of those surveyed share good content "finds" with friends or others via personal communications, e.g. eMail and Instant Messaging

- although many newspapers list their staffers who are on Twitter, an influential microblogging social network, few offer Twitter users the ability to tweet / distribute stories from their Web sites.

- when asked what they do when they find interesting content online, more than half of respondents (52 percent) said that they usually read it immediately, Only 9 percent said that they bookmark it to read later.

- only 7 percent said they usually or often share content via embedding into social network sites


Newspaper Publishers Must Do More to Empower Brand Stewards (Access for registered Gartner Clients)

Shel Holtz (a FIR Cut) on the
Gartner Report on Newspapers and Social Media 9:28 min.

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