Freitag, März 27, 2009

A Primer for for Selling Online Engagement

by Kevin Mannion on MediaPost

Top 10 Reasons Why Audience Engagement is the Key to Online Selling

1. Audience reach is a only a number

2. Audience composition is about the delivery of target audience segments

3. Good results for advertisers derive from engagement with engaged users

4. Engagement is a story, not a metric. It is the best sales story you can possibly tell advertisers

5. Engagement requires a keen understanding of your audience interests

6. A strong engagement story requires a deep understanding about why your site matters to your audience

7. A strong advertising pitch uses engagement insights to distinguish great sites from the good ones

8. The best engagement story is one that connects the advertisers' goals with the interests and passion of your audience

9. The best sites tell this story well (read below for some examples)

10. Advertisers need knowledgeable salespeople who can show them how to successfully engage their target audiences

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