Montag, März 23, 2009

Read - Speak, Text - Audio Feature (Test)

Whilst I was looking for a Russian Text-to-Speak solution, I found the small utility webReader, which seems to delivers a good / bad enough solution (Beta) for small Bog and Websites in

- UK English
- US English
- French
- German
- Italian
- Portuguese
- Spanish
- Swedish

as Plug-ins for Blogger, TypePad, Ning, WordPress, Joomla and HTML for integration on other platform (see About / FAQ). webRead does the audio transformation on-the-fly and streams it in MP3 Format to the user and/or you can download the Audio as MP3. Integration on Blogger took less than 2 minutes.

If you click on the Listen Button (beneath each heading) the application will open like this

As solutions like the webReader support only one language per page, either using a female or male voice pattern. As we run this Blog mixed in EN/DE, we use here the free advertising supported version just for testing and showing you webRead.

From my point, sometimes (often) the text-speak translation is a bit acridly, but they working on it. What do you think?

Checking it out on your Website? Visit the readspeaker's Website - register and go!

A Word of warning:
Don't make you test on my German postings here! It sounds horrible!

webReader wandelt die Texte einer Website während der Übertragung in Audio (MP3 Stream / Download) um. Bereits heute werden 8 Sprachen / Sprachvarianten unterstützt und man kann sich entweder für eine Frauen oder eine Männerstimme entscheiden (mehr Variationsmöglichkeiten gibt es unter der Firmenlizenz).

If you know a similar service for Russian / Ukraine, please let me know!