Montag, März 02, 2009

Revenue Models for News on the Net

Paul Robinson picks on the existing business model for news business on the Internet. He argues on the line:

First they didn't care about 'pay for content models' because the run an 'advertising model'. But, if you run an advertising model, it would not be inappropriate to ask for pay for advertising. So, stop giving away ads (online), stop your sales people to argue online advertising is not worth the money spend ... before you worrying about giving away all this great content. More

I think he has a valued point. Check it out and call you ad sales team anonymously ... and you will see reconditioning is urgently needed! [and maybe not only for the sales team of your company]

If You need some reconditioning - RFQ now!

Kai-Hinrich Renner: Leser zur Kasse, dem Honig und Licht für ... 5 Pay for Content Modelle.