Montag, März 02, 2009

Shame on You! Is this the future of eBooks?

Amazon eat the humble pie it was offered by the Authors Guild and now gives the author a way to opt in and opt out of the text to audio / speach feature of the Kindle 2.

I still hope it was meant as a joke by Amazon and help to open the eyes of the industry.

via / more on Lawrence Lessig Blog
Caving into bullies (aka, here we go again)

[Back to failed options? e.g. Adobe 2001 ]

We give the following PERMISSION's on using OUR eBook

No text selection can be copied from this book to the clipboard

No printing is permitted on this book

This book cannot be lent or given to someone else

This book cannot be given to someone else

Read Aloud
This book cannot be read aloud

Way back behind the good, old pBooks days!

I don't steal books. But, if the future of digital book distribution looks like this, I either have to quite reading and working with book altogether (no, I'm not willing to go back to paper) or I have to ignore, misuse and/or pirate such eBook content.