Mittwoch, März 04, 2009

Why Sales People Need to Care About and Use Social Media

In-Person, online and offline I often hear or read statements like:

- Yes, some person(s) from our company read Blogs, posting comments / post on Blogs
- Yes, our company, some person(s) from our company is on twitter
- Yes, some of our (crazy) Tech’s have an account on Facebook
- Yes, our Marketing Department is on XING
- Social Media O.K., but our people using Social Media waste a lot of valuable time

In fact there are a lot more business people around using Social Media tools for their interest and private or personal social networks, than for business purpose. The latest study from Forrester Research showed that more and more people in B2B are using Social Media for their business and so it is high time that sales people (and their manager) start to care about Social Media for business.

A whitepaper 10 reasons sales people need to care about social media from Xeequa points to areas where sales people can (and should) benefit from using Social Media in business

- to educated purchase decisions
- for customer profiling / segmentation
- for lead generation or what is left of it
- for reference selling
- for objection handling or anxiety of bad feedback
- for developing more and better opportunities / selling solutions
- for being much closer to / with their customer
- for better sales process management
- for more closing confidence and chances on both sites

making you aware of what you should consider, if you are interested to be among the winners of this game.

Download Whitepaper on (PDF, 14 pages)

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