Samstag, April 11, 2009

AP's new FAQ about Protecting Everyone’s Property

How AP does interpret and wants you to see its initiative to affirm the value of original news reporting and protect the news industry’s content from being misappropriated online and making it easier for consumer to access and engage with news content in more robust ways ... interesting, would it work for everyone?

[Quote, I hope this o.k. under the new rules about AP's fair use interpretation!?]
Is this aimed at Google? At Bloggers?
No. It is not aimed at any one company or Web site, [but everyone, ].

So what we are doing in today’s world where everyone is a newsmaker and news'consumer'? Can we adapt these rules of "licensed use of original news" to everyone, who should deal with it and how can we make it work?

According to Internet World Stats we have this days about 1.6 Billion Internet User and if only, lets say 50 % of them are active in news making, news gathering and news distribution, we have to handle the "rights of 800 000 000 individuals" in a "more constructive way" as AP is putting it.

Do we really need, as AP spells it, legal and legislative help to prolong the old rules? Or, do we need to understand, that the old rules protecting foremost the news gathering and news distribution industry does not fit what we have, what we need today to [Quote] 'make it easier for consumer to access and engage with news content' and protect the right of news makers, journalists and news consumer? What you think?

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