Montag, April 13, 2009

B2B Mobile Phone Social Power Marketing

Furniture World [a B2B Service Provider for the furniture retailer business, e.g. Magazine, dataBase Publishing, Jobs, Events] has an interesting and educational article on its Website

Leslie Carothers is, in her own words, "a big proponent of finding less expensive ways to maximize the return you get on your marketing, PR and advertising dollars through the use of various social media tools" and she promises "this article will take you into the platform that is the game changer for the whole world when it comes to reaching consumers most efficiently, effectively and exactly where they are at any given moment. That platform is MOBILE SOCIAL NETWORKING."

She adapted the MMA's Mobile Marketing Ecosystem Chart to the furniture industry, but as not all readers here come from this branch, I show you the chart from Michael Becker, iLoop Mobile Inc. in its unadjusted format.


Recommended read!

If you want this article nicely packaged with the fw title page, some paid advertising, get the PDF here!

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