Freitag, April 17, 2009

CPC/Roper Public Affairs: Custom Media Information More Appealing Than Ads

via eMail from Center for Media Research Research Brief 16-April-2009, written by Jack Loechner

From the results of the CPC/Roper Public Affairs survey:

Considering custom publications
36% of consumers at least occasionally look at the electronic custom publications they receive
59% of consumers who said, at a minimum, they occasionally pick up and look through print custom publications

Considering custom publications related to their work
56% of these respondents said they would rather receive a print version
37% said they would rather receive publications electronically

Other findings
68% of respondents say that information about products in custom publications help them make better purchase decisions
63% say they have bought something they saw mentioned or advertised in a custom publication
78% say that custom publications indicate companies are interested in building good relationships with consumers
70% like custom publications because they provide articles and information targeted to the reader's specific interests
66% say they are likely to buy from the same company that provided them with a custom publication

Electronic custom publications
45% feel that electronic custom publications provide a valuable service
57% of those aged 18-34 say electronic custom publications provide a valuable service.

more at CPC Custom Publishing Council Website