Dienstag, April 07, 2009

Demand: We want Equal and not Separate Reading Rights with and without devices

Today's protest of The National Federation of the Blind criticizes the Authors Guild's bullying of Amazon to get them to shut of the Text-to-Speech functionality on the Kindle 2 and will take place in front of the Authors Guild headquarter (via Lessig Blog)

From their action site reading rights:

As technology advances and more books move from hard-copy print to electronic formats, people with print disabilities deserve the opportunity to enjoy access to books on an equal basis with those who can read print.

People with print disabilities cannot effectively read print because of a visual, physical, perceptual, developmental, cognitive, or learning disability.

No Need for Greed
We Want to Read!

We represent 15 million Americans who cannot read print because of blindness, dyslexia, spinal cord injury, and other print disabilities. We include school children, the elderly, professionals, college students, returning veterans, and your neighbors, family members and friends. We want to buy books. We have fought very hard for many years to have equal access to technology and information. For the first time, now that the Amazon Kindle 2 offers text-to-speech, which will read a book aloud, we can purchase and enjoy books like everybody else. Sadly, the Authors Guild does not support equal access for us. The Guild has told us that to read their books with text-to-speech we must either submit to a burdensome special registration system and prove our disabilities––or pay extra. The Guild’s position is contrary to the principle of equal opportunity for all and discriminates against millions of people with print disabilities.

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