Freitag, April 17, 2009

Digital Editions: The Fastest-Growing Format in Magazines

By Jane E. Zarem on

"Six years ago, digital editions more often than not were the last redoubt of a print magazine in decline. Three years ago, they were an intriguing option for international circulation. Today and into the next decade, digital magazines represent opportunity. They’re a format that combines the best of a print magazine (curated material, lush layouts and great images, all organized into an easy-to-read start and finish), with the best of e-media (hyperlinks, search, archiving, measurability, video and audio). They’re a less-expensive platform for publishing. And they offer an avenue to the new imperatives of lead-generation and social media. It’s no wonder they’re growing at triple-digit rates ..."
In this Folio: Special report Digital Magazines 2009

Digital Editions: The Fastest-Growing Format in Magazines
The State of Digital Magazine Delivery, 2009.

State of the Art
The latest features and technologies being integrated into digital magazines.

Advertisers: Hooked on Digital
Marketers are taking an increasingly favorable look at the format.

Does Digital Delivery Save Costs?
That argument may be won as print costs increase

The Mobile Opportunity Comes into View
Mobile is where media, not just digital editions, are heading

Selecting a Provider
The most important criterion: Plan ahead

Going All Digital: New Opportunity or Last Hurrah?
What may have been true six years ago no longer is today

Check out what works for You.
No sorry, Check what works for your existing and potential readers / user?