Donnerstag, April 02, 2009

Group-M: Ad Market will worsening in 2010

Did you hear the faith-healer of the advertising and media industry and believe (somewhat) that advertising market will improve not later than the second half of 2009, early enough to live out the crises?

Last week Carat, owned by Aegis, predicted last week that global ad spend would fall 5.8 per cent this year, but recover to grow 0.7 per cent in 2010. But things are getting more difficult, difficult for people and companies who need advertising revenue to rise again soon, or would otherwise kill their business model.

If you holding your (companies) breath, hope to survive this way until advertising streams will fill-up your pockets again, don't wait much longer, move to where the money goes and offer services people believe in, companies spend money on, even in bad times.

M-Group (WPP) is the first one (and will be not the last one) - who told the otherwise - and predicted:

The advertising downturn will worsen in 2010, facing a 4.3 % fall this year and a further 6.8 % drop in 2010

- US ads market fall 9.8 % this year and 2.7 % in 2010.
- Western Europe ads market will fall 6.7 % in 2009 and
- “emerging” European countries will fall 15.8 %

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