Dienstag, April 07, 2009

Insights from the JISC National eBooks Observatory Project

Some Preliminary results from this study amongst UK students

60.1% of participants use eBooks in general
45.6% obtain them through their university library
42.6% obtain them free via the internet
5% bought an eBook

61.8% read onscreen
54.7% dip into one chapter
18.7% read several chapters

76.4% had consulted at least one eBook title in the month before
37.3% had consulted three or more titles

via Daniel Pollock in Outsell Insights

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"The national e-books observatory project is about exploring impacts, observing behaviours and developing new models to stimulate the e-books market, and to do all this in a managed environment ..."

What eBook Reader eCommerce offering does entertain such usage patterns?