Donnerstag, April 09, 2009

Jeff Jarvis to Newspaper Execs: You Blew It!

at The Huffington Post (9-April-2009)

"You've had 20 years since the start of the web, 15 years since the creation of the commercial browser and craigslist, a decade since the birth of blogs and Google to understand the changes in the media economy and the new behaviors of the next generation of - as you call them, Mr. Murdoch - net natives. You've had all that time to reinvent your products, services, and organizations for this new world, to take advantage of new opportunities and efficiencies, to retrain not only your staff but your readers and advertisers, to use the power of your megaphones while you still had it to build what would come next. But ..."

You blew it.

Eric Schmidt's Lollypop Song for Newspaper Execs