Mittwoch, April 08, 2009

A Lollypop Song for Newspaper Execs by Eric Schmidt

Watch the Webcast at NAA

Eric Schmidt addressed the executives at the closing keynote at the NAA Annual convention in San Diego on Tuesday. The perspective on newspapers, journalism and Goggle’s role in the future of the industry declares Schmidt as a fan and believer of newspapers central role in a democratic society.

Newspaper executive don't wait for someone will sort things out for you, will lead you into a new more profitable feature. Maybe Eric cares about Newspapers, Google doesn't, they care about the user, servicing user and makes good money with that.

Newspaper company are responsible for developing their news serving business which is relevant to the readers/users life and work, they value and happy to pay for your service and pay you well.

AUDIO: Google CEO Eric Schmidt addresses the NAA

Transcript of Google CEO Eric Schmidt's Q&A at NAA

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