Montag, April 20, 2009

Would the World of Online News and Social Media News Go Out of Business

when the last newspaper has folded?
[I don't think that will happen for quite a long time]

Markos Moulitsas wrote on Daily Kos

"Whenever we debate the future of newspapers, inevitably someone asks, "if they go out of business, where will blogs get their stories?" That's a companion argument to "who will conduct investigative journalism"?"

Out of curiosity, I decided to see where the news we discuss on this site came from the past week, from Monday, April 6, to Sunday, April 12. If we linked to a source that got its information from another site, we followed the links until we got to the original source of the reporting ("secondary" source). In other words, I wanted to categorize the original source of information for every (front page) post on the site.

While newspapers were the most common source of information, they accounted for just 123 out of 628 total original information sources, or just shy of 20 percent.

Here's the detailed results of that link inventory:

Newspapers: 102 primary, 21 secondary
Blogs: 83 primary, 19 secondary
Television network: 69 primary, 14 secondary
Online news organizations: 54 primary, 5 secondary
Magazines and journals: 36 primary
Books: 6 primary
AP and other Wire: 5 secondary
Radio: 4 primary .... "
more / complete list on Daily Kos

via Martin Stabe

o.k. this was just one week. But check out, the "importance" of AP (and other so called news wires) for quality journalism and online news business