Samstag, Juni 20, 2009

B2B Media Listen: How Executives Locate and Filter Business Information

A Forbes Insights / Google study based on a survey of 354 C-Level and top executives of larger US companies finds:

- against common perception C-level executives are more involved online than their counterparts, and younger generations of executives

How valuable do you find the following information resources?

74 % see the Internet the most valuable resource for gathering business information, that’s higher than at-work contacts, personal networks, trade publications, etc.

When it comes to “traditional print media” which of the following formats do you read most frequently during working hours?

70% of executives prefer - during work hours - to read "traditional print media" online rather than in print (30%)

- 69% prefer to access "traditional broadcast media" online rather than over the air

- 53 % of the C-suite respondents said they prefer to locate information for decision-making themselves, rather than start the process and forward it to others to complete (26%) or assign others to gather it (21%)

- 24% of C-suite (compared to 16% non-C-suite) executives prefer reviewing business information via video.

- 33 % (among executives under age 50) view work-related video daily, and 26% several times per week

- 11 % (among the 50-plus age group) view work-related video daily, and 18% several times per week

- Emerging Internet technologies and Social Media are mainly the domains for Executives under age 40. 65% of them maintain a work-related Blog weekly or more frequently and also 65% contribute to or read Twitter at least weekly.

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Download the full report
The Rise of the Digital C-Suite -
How Executives Locate and Filter Business Information
(23 pg, PDF)

This is USA, this are executives of companies with sales over 1 Billion USD/year. I don't know of any actual study in Germany, so I recommend my users checking these findings with your audience and in your country ... and considering CHANGE.