Montag, Juni 01, 2009

B2B Publishers Rethinking Google AdSense Programs

by Marie Griffin on

Some quotes:

Christine Oldenbrook, director of marketing and e-media at Bobit Business Media:
“We don’t do a lot with AdSense, and we’re cutting it back. We’re selling a lot more contextual ads ourselves since we opened up more contextual advertising space in our Web site designs and integrated our sales force."

“Our salespeople are becoming anxious to sell the space themselves, and we can make more money.” To maximize inventory, Oldenbrook is also looking into ad networks that might bring in non-endemic advertising at higher CPM's than AdSense.

Ted Bahr, president and publisher of BZ Media:
“We’re really disappointed with AdSense. We get about one-sixth of the revenue we did three or four years ago [from AdSense]. For a small company like ours, Google is unresponsive, and the checks are so small now that it’s not worth my time to try to work with them.”

So Bahr is investigating other passive revenue streams. “We’re constantly being solicited,” he said. “Right now, we’re working with a company called Job Target and the IDG Tech Network.”


Eventually it seems, some more publishers get acquainted with the idea that they can / should take responsibilty for what their readers see and their advertisers get. We pointed often to media and ad networks, better CPM’s for smaller, more specialist networks and partners and suggest to extend this responsibility beyond by traveling along with your content and your reader / users.

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